Giving Maryland Health Benefit Exchange a Tool for Real Time Tracking

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Client: Maryland Health Benefit Exchange

Case Study

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange has a 9-person leadership team who collaborates to fulfill the agency’s mission. Members are appointed by the executive director and represent each department of the agency.

The Challenge

A State Agency has a requirement to capture IT Department and Administration inventory items. The current inventory application needs to be compliant with state regulations. Replacement of this application is necessary to comply, and a robust cloud-based inventory management application will be implemented.

The Outcome

This implementation provided the Customer with item and asset-tracking information and robust reporting capabilities. It allows the Customer to report on asset assignment, availability, and value. This type of reporting assisted in precisely evaluating the Departments items, value, and comparison spending.
The requirements for this application will track MHBE inventory items and asset records. These records will be managed by the MHBE Administration team for all assets (trackable) items. Items that are labeled non-assets will be managed by the MHBE IT Department.

The purpose of this application is to track inventory items and asset records. The Administration team must manage these records for all assets (trackable) items.

I. Project Participants
  •  IT Team
  •  Developers
  •  Tullis Subject Matter Expert


Project had to be implemented within a 4-5 month period


Tullis recommended the Salesforce platform create an inventory tracking system that will receive items purchased within the agency’s Procurement application and track the assignment of assets to resources.

This implementation involved interviews with stakeholders in the Information Technology and Business Administration areas.

Each area had significant differences in the processing of items managed in the application. In an effort to properly design/configure the application to their needs, custom record types and group permissions were used to segregate records with their corresponding Department.

Tullis created an application that provided secure and private record creation that seamlessly integrated with the procurement application and enabled a record view based on the assigned departments. This allowed the Department only to see the records created by their prospective team and provided easy management of items purchased and entered into the inventory application.

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