TSS Covid-19

TSS will leverage your current customer relationship model transforming it into a "contact relationship model". This model will provide case management from a contact perspective, providing a relationship management hierarchy in order to properly link and trace from both a contact tracing perspective

Covid-19 Employee Resource Contact Tracing

TSS is helping with the nation’s current pandemic Covid-19.  Covid-19 has brought the country to what we now call the "new normal.“  Accordingly, we must adjust our ways and methods to effectively operate in our new day-to-day activities

Our expertise in contact relationship management will assist companies/agencies with the following methods:

  • Capturing data for onboarding employees
  • Employee contact tracing
  • Employee schedule management

And many other needs that require gathering, tracing and reporting of
data in order to have an overall view of the site. 

Covid-19 Agency Onboarding and Tracing

Agencies/Companies in need of onboarding employees/consultants should have a method of  collecting data in order to ensure a safe environment while providing proper reporting and  tracing. The CDC guidelines regarding contact tracing can provide leverage to onboard current resources while capturing the required minimal data to enable future contact tracing. Here are some suggestions from CDC:

Identify the Contact/Employee/Resource

  • Name, DOB, Language, Interpreter (if needed)  
    Demographic and location information
  • Gender, Address, Phone Number, Email, Race, Ethnicity, Date of Interview
    or Onboarding Health Information
  • As resources are onboarded, some information regarding symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness or breath, etc. can be captured before coming onsite
  • Date of test if previously tested
  • Pre-existing conditions (if agency policy allows)
  • Quarantine from and to dates  Agency/Company Action
  • Captured data and recommend testing
  • Agency Quarantine recommendation dates (if agency policy allows)
  • Testing Data provided to resource

Employee On Boarding

Onboarding can be a challenging process that many of us are navigating day by day.  However TSS will help provide solutions for capturing the necessary data to onboard and ramp up your agency or company

TSS Solutions

TSS will look at your current agency/company infrastructure and determine if it supports this type of solution. We will also provide the necessary recommendations to scale your company to support a solution that will enable onboarding and tracking employee/resources  during this time of Covid-19